Saturday, October 15, 2016

Indians high after game one win

Indians line-up looked like they were very happy to win game one.

Perhaps they doth celebrate too much?

Gibbons summed up:

Gibbons summed up his feeling for the series in a way that reflected the way I felt he played the first game:
  • Keyword - 'Relaxed';
  • Save your bullets;
  • Rest the Staff - Let Estrada pitch the whole game;
  • Taking the pressure off - a streaking team:
  • Which had won 6 in a row;
  • Hasn't lost a game since the 3rd last game of the season, against Boston;
  • Now facing a 7 game series against a very good team - that is also streaking.

Gibbons starts with gimpy Devon Travis at 2B, Travis hops off the field in the 5th inning; enter excellent defensive replacement Ryan Goins, into what is already a pitcher's duel.

Also Gibbons did not review Pillar's line drive ground-out to 2B in the 8th with 1 On and 1 Out (see article:

So the Indians were very happy to win their 7th in row. Perhaps they shouldn't party too much. With an easy late September schedule compared to the American League East, they beat Kansas City 6 times in 2 series including the last three games of the season, but apart from those tête-à-têtes, the Clevelands lost two series in a row ... . All that is - is often not always perceived.

It's a crap shoot ... But perhaps it's an ebb and flow crap shoot?

I think Gibbons played it right.


Sometimes a rhythm sets in when two pitchers are dueling ...

More on Gibby saving bullets; letting loose while the letting loose is available?

The Jays left 8 on base tonight. Blue Jays batting with RISP: 0-5 (Martin 0-2, Bautista 0-1, Travis 0-2)

This was just one opportunity that failed to produce a run ...

Pillars line drive to right with 1 On and 1 Out in the 8th gets picked by Cleveland's Kipnis at 2nd Base ... but the throw might have been late!

No review was requested.

The video manager of the Jays did not think this worth reviewing - or perhaps Gibbons didn't ask for an opinion?

Sometimes a rhythm sets in when two pitchers are dueling; if nothing breaks that field threshold, the first run scored in the ball game can become the last run scored in the ball game - the winning run.

That's what happened tonight, one call this or that, sends ripples though the 'ether' of a game like this.

If this play had been reversed (and there was a good camera angle to over turn it) - the Jays might have broken that threshold.

Was Gibby saving bullets; not sweating the details in this away game, 1 of likely 7 in this series?

screenshot via -

The rhythm in This game was fashioned by the great start of Corey Kluber (6.1IP), and the shut-down magic of relief pitching of Andrew Miller (1.2IP - and a 0.00 ERA over 4 games this postseason).

On the opposite side, Marco Estrada provided the counterpoint, with a near perfect eight-inning complete game.

screenshot via -

TOR 0 - 2 CLE


Monday, October 10, 2016

Baseball Talk: Martin, Donaldson talk baseball with reporters

Donaldson, Martin discusses calculated gamble home; team coming together.

Martin, Donaldson on teamwork

MLB advance media - Oct 9 2106 | Martin, Donaldson on teamwork |


Josh Donaldson - mad dash to home.

Josh Donaldson post game interview is excellent:

"Josh Donaldson with a mad dash to home."


Interview man (no accreditation) --- It's a sort series - but how was this team able to answer every time seemingly, and put numbers on the board?

Donaldson --- "If I had that answer we'd do it every day. We came out, I thought we executed pretty well. They took advantage of some of our mistakes; we took advantage of some of their mistakes - it was kinda a back-and-forth battle ... kind of what everybody expected, minus the fact that we were kind of able to get the last one; and that's baseball sometimes."

mlb advanced media - Oct 9 2016 | Donaldson on walk-off win |

Their pitching had a bit of a down-spout; our pitching played amoungst their best games of their years. Their middle of the order hit a bit of a slump in the first two games; our middle of the line-up batted about .400 over 28 innings.

Here's the Jays' team batting stats as of now:

5 game series; it's a crap shoot!


They're getting better as we go forward! 

If you click on the 'Postseason' tab at the top in the image above live at espn you can look at the Baltimore Wild Card game included.

The top four are the same top four - with the addition that the man in the middle has moved up from 10 to 8.

Bullpens were evenly matched I thought.



Either it's a double play or it's the winning run ... It's the Winning Run!!!

By the time all the long shots had ceased in the 4th, I told my friend beside me at @HitchLimited that this might be amoungst the best baseball games he'd ever seen (I thought it was going to be a pitching duel with a heart-stabbing ending).

I wasn't wrong.

I'll not waste words here writing it out for you how it moved forward from there ... the line score is definitive. The teams battled back and forth until they were tied after six:

espn boxscore -

And then the 10th:

Donaldson scores the winning run

A topsy turvy game ... with the home team ascendant.


(that's how I predicted it) 


Image: espn boxscore -

Video via mlb advanced media -


Friday, October 7, 2016

It must be tough for the Toronto in their Black & White now ...

Oh Woe is me! ... the whole population of the City falling into a catharsis for 'The Team'.

For those who still separate those that love sports, and those that love art - for those who separate sport and art like there is an 'Us and Them' ...

It must be tough seeing all the folks of the City - whether they be militarist know-nothings, or reactionary homophones, or racist dip-shits about to do, perhaps, an Orlando in their dreams ...

Or those who see the Art in Baseball, those who see the community in the thing ...

For all of a sudden for all the things come together ...

Oh Woe is me!

How to understand?

There is Art in athletics - just as there is art in war.

And as there is this-in-that; we all owe our attention to all of it.

So while enjoying our greatness - also our foibles.

(all formulations that resulted in these articles are from notes taken during - on this night - the Jays' game, and the Sox' game)


@davidortiz AB in the 5th - #MLB Oct 6, 2016

#MLB Oct 6, 2016
@davidortiz AB in the 5th
2 On, 2 Out
Boston 3 - 4 Cleveland

[Brooks Baseball not showing at this posting (4:38am est).]